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Ecotone Renewables

Soil Sauce

Give your plants the gift of healthy soil with our sustainably produced organic fertilizer, powerfully engineered to nourish your plants from root to tip. Soil Sauce organically unlocks your soil's natural nutrients and nutrient uptake for happier, healthier, thriving plants. 

Our unique formula enriches your soil quality by producing critical enzymes that improve water retention, and provide macro and micronutrients to everything you grow. The quality of your plants start with your soil. Foster happier, healthier soil with soil sauce, just add water and see for yourself. 

What is Soil Sauce?

Soil Sauce is sustainably produced and locally sourced liquid fertilizer. Packed with a healthy microbiome of bacteria and microbes. Perfect for improving plant growth, soil remediation, and compost acceleration.

Soil Sauce is

  • OMRI Certified Organic
  • Sustainably Produced from Food Waste
  • Supports Long-term Soil & Plant Health

What's included

A 30 day supply of soil sauce includes a 16 fl. oz bottle. Dilute soil sauce with water. Best for 1-5 houseplants.

A 90 day supply includes a gallon of Soil Sauce

How to use it

We recommend diluting Soil Sauce 1:5 with water (1 gallon of Soil Sauce mixed with 5 gallons of water) and watering your garden and indoor plants with the mixture after a heavy rain or watering.

Repeat this process every other week as needed to optimize plant growth.

How much do I need

For indoor plant care a recurring 30 day supply will yield significant improvement of soil health.

For large plants and outdoor gardening a 90 supply will sufficiently enrich your soil.

For regular farming and gardening we recommend a subscription.

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